Customization  is not the enemy.  Rather, 100% supported  and upgradeable customization by an experienced team can make your  implementation a success.

Why customize your software?

Software like GoldMine is designed to be customized to meet your needs. That is why it comes with an out-of-the-box toolset to customize or configure the screens and processes. As part of the implementation process, ACW Solutions experienced team can customize your solution for you to the precise needs identified in the CSI Business Analysis.

Support your processes

On priority in designing a customized solution is to streamline the processes to save your staff time in their jobs every day. However, getting the critical analysis and reporting you need to run your business is also a top priority in customization. ACW Solutions expertise is in balancing these two complex needs and delivering a total solution that supports all of your processes.

Support your people

Customizing your solution the right way involves designing the screens and layouts for your team’s ease of use. This increases user adoption and productivity making your implementation a success. Rely on the experts at ACW Solutions to design your custom screens with our years of experience, and you’ll start your implementation off on the right foot.

Create a total solution

It is important to analyze your business from front office to back office and customize your software with the total solution in mind. In customization, we take into consideration what will be needed for future integrations, how users will use multiple applications, and what will be needed for mail merges and reports.