CRM Boss

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CRM Boss

Built on GoldMine® software

(Customer Relationship Management Business Operating Software System)

Achieve ROI with the CRM Boss
CRM software alone won’t achieve results in your company.  CRM software needs to be effectively applied to your business problems to get results.   With the an implementation of the CRM Boss you can expect to:

  1. Increase new sales opportunities, enhance diversification, and grow your up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.
  2. Improve customer service & customer retention with a single unified view of all customer information.
  3. Make better decisions with accurate and timely customer information and history at your fingertips.
  4. Produce greater efficiency when you do more with less and reduce non value-add activities.
  5. Provide a foundation for growth.

A total solution
From front office to back office, the CRM boss is the total technology solution to support your processes.  The CRM Boss is where the best strategies meet the best technology. ACW Solutions' CRM Boss™ is combines customer-centric strategy, business practices for implementation, and proven integrated technologies for a complete business operating software system (Boss).
Packaged to deliver the highest possible impact on your organization’s growth, the CRM Boss aims to

  • Help your organization develop its customer-centric strategy
  • Streamline customer-related processes across the organization
  • Centralize customer data into one integrated system
  • Effectively analyze your business to aid decisions for growth & profitability

A long-term investment in growth
Using flexible yet tightly integrated technology will help your business respond quickly to changing markets and customer demands without spending more money.   Most organizations have suffered through a failed CRM technology implementation in the past because the technology didn’t align with the business processes and strategy.  The CRM Boss will be your last CRM initiative—the successful one.

What your customers will never know
While experiencing your increased customer-centric strategy and processes, your customers will never know the invisible agent behind your success is the CRM Boss.  While it’s true that technology brings your strategy and people together to make their experience the best, they will never know.  Your customers know your reputation for service, but you will  know the CRM Boss

Click here to purchase CRM Boss