Companion Link

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CompanionLink will synchronize your GoldMine data with your handheld device or with other supported applications and web-based services.

CompanionLink Express has all the basic features you need for two-way synchronization. CompanionLink Pro includes additional options such as the ability to sync wirelessly with your handheld, sync multiple databases, and other advanced settings.

GoldMine data CompanionLink sync
  • Contacts
  • Activities - appointments, calls, events, next actions, forecast sales
  • Activities linked to contacts
  • Notes and histories
    • syncs to contact's Notes field on the handheld
  • To-do items
  • User-defined fields
  • Alarms and reminders
  • Attachment names
  • Additional contacts (Pro only)

Other capabilities

  • Sync GoldMine data with MS Outlook
  • Optional wireless sync service ($9.95/month) (Pro only)
  • Complete activities on handheld
  • Sync to Google calendar & contacts
  • Sync multiple databases (Pro only)
  • Sync to multiple handhelds (Pro only)
  • Map calendar activities by type (Pro only)
Click here to purchase Companion Link