Business Professional Services

ACW Solutions has been implementing GoldMine CRM solutions for over 17 years for companies that provide professional services.

The following are the major benefits of ACW Solutions' CRM Bossä (built on GoldMine Software) Solution:
1. Develops new sales opportunities, reduce the sales cycle and increase close rates
2. Improves customer service & customer retention - single unified view of all customer information
3. Allows better decision-making - accurate and timely customer information and history at your fingertips
4. Produces greater efficiency - do more with less and reduce non value-add activities
5. Creating a foundation for sustainable and profitable growth
Benefits of implementing an enhanced Customer Relationship Management solution
* Consolidating multiple database into on unified contact (CRM) database
* Reducing the sales cycle and increasing sales
* Recording and auto linking all important "touches" with customers and prospects
* Provide access in 10 to 30 seconds to all touches with prospects and customers
* Enable time management tools that help focus on important activities
calls, appointments, next Actions, and e-mails,
* Enhancing communication within teams, departments, and company wide
* Increasing customer service & loyalty (it costs 7 to 8 times more for new customers)
* Implement "Auto Processes" that save time and make sure nothing slips through the cracks
follow up calls, appointment, next actions e-mails, and correspondences
* Automated "Nurture Marketing" keeping your organization "Top of Mind"
* "Business Intelligence" that keeps management up to date on specified business matrixes.
* Reduced administrate expense and loss time tracking down e-mails, paper files, or follow up with others to take care of prospects or customers
* Being able to pro-actively managing accounts to deliver above average expectations
Vision of Success:
Increase Sales (10 to 15%)
Reduce Administrative Costs and Efforts (10 to 15%)
Increase Customer Loyalty (Reducing customer defection by 5% can double profits)
Software is just software. Software is only valuable when effectively applied to get desired results. ACW Solutions combines best of business practices with technology to get results.

For more information call 888-CRM-ACWS (888-276-2297)