About ACW Solutions

The benefits of successfully implementing CRM solutions are:

ACW Solutions’ Vision of Success - Increased Profits


Increase Sales (10 to 15%)

Reduce Administrative Costs and Efforts (10 to 15%)

Increase Customer Loyalty (Reducing customer defection by 5% can double profits)


Who is ACW Solutions?

To be competitive companies need to have implemented CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions for One to One Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation, and Customer Support Automation as strategic weapons to enhance their competitive advantage. ACW Solutions partners with organizations to implement successful CRM solutions. ACW Solutions’ Mission is to help companies utilize technology as a strategic weapon to “Attract and Keep Customers for Life”. To partner with clients to enable effective software automation tools and a systematic approach to more effectively serve existing customers and attract new customers.


What do we do?

We have been providing implementations, training, and support of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions based on GoldMine® software since 1992. We enhance the “best of breed” Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software by making it easier to use, adding additional functionality, reducing data entry redundancy, integrating it with exiting back office software, and reducing islands of information. We offer rapidly deployed CRM solution called CRM Boss (Customer Relationship Management Business Operating Software System) for small to mid-size companies (SMB). We offer solutions for sales force automation, marketing automation, and service/ support automations. We also offer network support along with integrating existing applications and websites.


How do we benefit Businesses and Organizations?

There are three key elements to a successful CRM Boss implementation. The first is to complete a "Discovery and Analysis" of current systems and then develop a strategic CRM implementation plan that will improve or replace the current systems and processes. The second key element is top management and end-user buy-in. The third and equally important is a quality training program for everyone that will use the CRM system.


There is a four part systematic process to enable ACW Solutions’ CRM Boss (Customer Relationship Management Business Operating Software System)


  1. CRM Strategic Implementation Business Analysis
  2. Customization and Integration
  3. Documentation and Implementation
  4. Training and Support

The CRM Strategic Implementation Business Analysis phase of the project will detail your workflow needs, define and then streamline your sales marketing process, order fulfillment; and customer service needs. The information allows us to build a solid database foundation that meets your needs now and in the future. This process will be used for a scope of work to include customizations, implementation, and training agenda, which will create a blue print for success.


Promoting CRM as a Business Culture to ensure successful implementation

  1. Building a case for change (benefits for all)
  2. Hold regular meeting across all departments
  3. Keep employees in the loop
  4. Encourage employees to speak up about changes
  5. Give employees time to make the transition and adjust to the new approach
  6. Support manager who are leading the CRM march.
  7. Understand that effective implementation of CRM is a cultural process
  8. Inform customers about the company’s vision for customer-centric organization. Ask for customer feedback and then use that information to improve your customer service


The benefits of successfully implementing CRM solutions are:

Ø       Generating New & Profitable Sales Opportunities (80/20 profit rule)

Ø       Improving Customer Service & Loyalty (7 to 8 time more costs for new customers)

Ø       Better Decision Making Capabilities

Ø       Greater Efficiencies

Ø       Creating a Foundation for Sustainable and Profitable Growth


Core Components of the CRM Boss

(Customer Relationship Management Business Operating Software System)


Marketing Automation – In order to build lasting – and more profitable – customer relationships, your need to identify, execute and replicate effective marketing initiatives across all your channels. An Automated CRM system provides the tools for marketing teams to:

ü       Develop, target and implement campaigns

ü       Preferred method of delivery (e=mail, direct mail, fax, or phone/appt call)

ü       Respectful 1 to 1 marketing

ü       Automated processes (business rules) based on “Best Practices”

ü       Profitable prospect and customer profiles

ü       Manage and analyze marketing budgets

ü       Maintain lists and track responses

ü       Track collateral distribution

ü       Analyze campaign results


Sales Force Automation (SFA) – SFA enable you to analyze the entire sales cycle and successfully many your sales pipeline – from first contact to final sale. SFA system provide the tools for sales teams to:

ü       Provide quoting, sales forecasting, and opportunity management

ü       Perform analysis to ensure time and energy are spent on the deals most likely to close

ü       Improve lead distribution and tracking

ü       Utilizing reports or online sales, activity and performance analyze tools

ü       Centralized contact and interactions information

ü       Enable time management tools

ü       Effectively process quotes and orders

ü       Provide remote sales staff with instant access to corporate information


Customer Support Automation – Your customer support department must develop the relationships that create customer loyalty and generate repeat sales. Automated CRM provides customer support teams with tools they need to:

ü       Increase call center efficiency

ü       Improve customer service processes

ü       Create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

ü       Better manage interactions and call escalation

ü       Deliver higher levels of customer service

ü       Field dispatch implementation to increase customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and reduce administrative costs


Back Office and Website Integration – Draw valuable customer information for strategic analysis, improved customer support, and enhanced marketing initiatives.

ü       View critical back office information from your CRM solutions

ü       Initiate Automatic Processes and alerts base on strategic information

ü       Integrated your website for customers/prospects request for service or information

ü       Utilize the CRM Boss Toolbar to link common applications and information together into a single view


Details of Key CRM Boss Command Center & Integration Server Components:

v      List Management and Prospect Profiles

v      Preferred Method of Information Delivery (Direct Mail/E-mal/Fax)

v      Qualifying and Telemarketing Tools

v      Campaign Management

v      Sales Forecasting and Opportunity Management

v      Customer Service and Support Capabilities

v      Calendar and Activity Scheduling

v      Time Management Tools

v      Integrated E-mail Solution

v      Linking Documents & Touches to Prospect and Customer Records

v      Document Management

v      Knowledge Base Information Center

v      Business Rules & Automated Processes

v      Remote Access (laptop, PDA, Black Berry, & cell) and Data Synchronization

v      Internet & Back Office Integration

v      Sales, Customer Service, and Administrative Workflow

v      Customer Profile Information

v      Enterprise Wide Communication Server

v      Management Intelligence Monitoring & Data Mining Tools

v      Profitability Analysis

v      Extensive Reporting Capabilities



The CRM Boss (Customer Relationship Management Business Operating Software System) core components are Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation, and Customer Support Automation. Successful companies promote Customer Relationship Management as a business culture to “Attract and Keep Customers for Life”. ACW Solutions’ CRM Boss builds on proven CRM technology by making CRM components easier to use, applying ‘best of business practices” and integrating existing back office systems for a complete business operating software system (Boss).


      Generating New & Profitable Sales Opportunities (80/20 profit rule)
      Improving Customer Service & Loyalty (7 to 8 time more costs for new customers)
      Better Decision Making Capabilities
      Greater Efficiencies
      Creating a Foundation for Sustainable and Profitable Growth