Mortgage companies are challenged with the daily task of keeping loans organized through a lengthy process, which includes loan origination, production, underwriting, and servicing. Though you may depend on a mortgage lending application to help you process loans, it doesn't assist you with sales and marketing efforts or customer management. Many loan officers are tired of wasting time on entering information into multiple applications and they want just one solution that can manage all of their data and streamline their daily processes.

  • Loan officers need a central place to store contact information, conversation details, to-dos, and appointments.
  • Loan officers bounce back and forth between several software programs in order to accomplish their daily tasks. You need an integrated solution that will handle loan origination, processing, e-mail, faxing, and word processing.
  • A loan officer may need access to contact and loan information while on the road.

 Sales Force and Marketing Automation Needs for the Mortgage Industry:

  • Account follow-up reminders
  • Web Import
  • Marketing campaign capabilities
  • When someone stops by office send out thank you letter next day mail
  • Send out thank-you letter to applicant within 72 hours
  • 90 days after closing loan, wants follow up marketing letter; then at 6 months, 9 months 12 months anniversary dates to be top of mind
  • Centralized database to capture customer list for all loan officers in the event of a turnover so his company does not lose the customer information, and so the new loan officer can immediately contact the "orphaned" contacts
  • Document management
  • If Loan Officer leaves company send letter out right away. If planning on firing someone to delete/move their contacts to new person
  • If interest rates drop then send out letter based on their current rate.
  • On credit problem account send letter out 6 months before ARM expires to get them on a fix rate - 28 month loans
  • Synchronize with Genesis or Calyx with GoldMine
  • Scheduling and Calendar system
  • E-mail Center to manage and link in/outbound e-mail to the contact records
  • Document Management Center to manage all documents including merged documents
  • InfoCenter that provides database with search engine for company policies, product information, competitive research, and other information needed by the knowledge worker
  • Software links to other software systems like Calyx and Genesis
  • Automated Processes to automated 7x24 one to one marketing, sales processes and customer service needs

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